Chemical GlycoBiology

The CheGB team has a high level of interdisciplinary with scientists displaying complementary know-how, from organic synthesis to cell biology. The central theme is chemical glycobiology. This field differs from Biochemistry, which describes the chemistry naturally present in living organisms, whereas chemical glycobiology involves the use of chemical tools to understand glycobiology. Also, the research activities of the team aim to exploit analytical and synthetic chemistry for the study of glycans and glycoenzymes.

The team is structured along three main axes: "host-pathogen interactions", "microbial glycosidases" and "chemical tools".


All the team members have complementary objectives, which synergizes the research achievement. 


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HUB1: Host-pathogen interactions

F. Chirat, MCf; Y. Guerradel, DR CNRS; Y. Rossez, CR CNRS.


HUB2: Chemical Tools

C. Lion, MCf; C. Biot, Pr.


HUB3: Microbial Gycosidases

E. Elass, Pr; I. Huvent, MCf; F. Krzewinski, MCf; C. Mariller, MCf; O. Vidal, MCf.