Computational Molecular Systems Biology

Our main interest lies in the study of molecular recognition events, focusing on the molecular aspects of interactions involving proteins. Our team develops knowledge and technologies applicable to the study of molecular recognition and dynamics, using a pragmatic and collaborative approach and applying multi-scale modeling techniques to relevant biological questions.

Our team is an active member of the Bilille bioinformatics platform, with responsibilities in the Management Board, in the organization of workshops and trainings, and in the provision of resources and expertise in high performance computing. We are also a member of the GENCI national resource expert panel, the CAPRI protein-protein docking management committee, and a key member in the organization of CAPRI prediction rounds.


Marc Lensink CR, Ralf Blossey DR, Julie Bouckaert CR, Goedele Roos CR, Guillaume Brysbaert IR, Jérôme de Ruyck MCf.